Reference Services

The Erie County Public Library is proud to be able to offer the assistance of an outstanding Reference Department to our community. In its role as a District Library Center, the Erie County Public Library employs a team of professionals who are trained and educated to help you find the information you need to succeed in every aspect of life.

The Reference staff:

  • Selects new and varied books & e-books, magazines, music CDs, audiobooks, CD and DVDs,  to add to library collections f
  • Evaluates new and innovative database offerings for library users
  • Answers requests they receive for information assistance on a daily basis, in-person, on the phone or via email 

The Reference Staff is working for you! Contact your Reference Librarian by telephone at (814) 451-6927 or TDD for the hearing impaired 451-6931.

To submit a question to the Reference Department, please use the following form.