Registration Information

Getting a library card is fast and easy! To have our staff issue your permanent card, just bring one of the following current IDs listed below, along with your current address to any outlet of the Erie County Public Library.

PA driver’s license  Official Mail​​
PA vehicle registration Passport
PA Gun Permit Payroll Check
Auto Insurance Card Prescription
Checkbook School Bus Pass
Class Schedule Report Card
College or School ID Utility Bill
Lease Voter registration ID
 Mailed bank statement W-2 form
 Military ID  Temp Letter
 Non-driver’s ID card Library Postcard**

Library cards are free to residents of Erie County, out-of-town college students residing in the county and anyone with an ACCESS PA sticker on their library card from another library.

Non-Residents may obtain a library card good for one year for a $10.00 (annual) fee.

There is a $2.00 replacement fee for lost cards.

If you change your address or lose your library card, please notify the library immediately.

(**Library postcards may be provided only if no other forms of identification can be provided.)