Download Media

Here you’ll find links to access our growing digital collections. Each service offers media in different formats. To use each service you’ll need a library card in good standing, a compatible device (eReader, tablet, phone, mp3 player), and in some cases free software that is provided by the service.

Digital Downloads

  • Digital Downloads, also called OverDrive, offers ebooks, audiobooks, and some music and video.
  • Specific formats include:

    Kindle Books
    Adobe EPUB eBooks
    Adobe PDF eBooks
    OverDrive WMA Audiobooks
    OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks
    OverDrive Music
    OverDrive Video

    Titles in this digital collection have the same limitations as our physical collection, meaning we only have a certain number of copies to lend out at a time and they get returned (become unusable on your computer or device) so someone else can check them out.

    Compatible Digital Downloads devices.

eBooks on EBSCOHost

  • eBooks on EBSCOHost, formerly netLibrary, offers eBooks you can read directly on your computer or by download while using Adobe Digital Editions free software.
  • Compatible eBooks on EBSCOHost devices.

Freegal Music Downloads

  • The Freegal Music service allows you to download 3 free songs a week, that are yours to keep. The service offers hundreds of thousands of songs from the Sony Music Entertainment catalog. All songs are in MP3 format. The songs never expire.

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