Bed Bugs and the Library

  • Blasco Library does not have an infestation of bed bugs.  On the contrary, our exterminator has reported that he has seen no bed bugs in the library when he has been here to do inspections.  Our exterminator has, however, spot sprayed areas where people have reported they have seen bed bugs just as a precautionary measure.


  • Bed bugs are small, wingless insects.  They do not jump or fly and cannot travel long distances on their own. 


  • Bed bugs are not interested in being inside books—books have no blood.  So checking out books from the library is not a danger to you.


  • Any and all sprays used by our exterminator are EPA approved and are not toxic to our patrons or to our staff.


  • Bed bugs carry no diseases.  They can be a menace in certain situations, but they are not a health hazard.


  • Bed bugs are easily visible to the naked eye.


  • All our libraries are safe places to visit, and our materials are safe to check out.  They always have been and they always will be.  If it were not a safe place to be, we would not be open.  We, as the library, are here to serve our patrons, and we would never put you in danger.


Here’s a link to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website relating to bedbugs.